Macroevolution and Scripture

Macroevolution and Scripture cannot exist together and do not complement each other. Torah says Hashem commanded the creatures to be fruitful and multiply lemino [after its/his kind]. This phrase, or derivatives thereof, occurs nine times[1] in the Creation Account. Lemino excludes the possibility that all life began from a single pool of primordial ooze. Lemino insists each animal type [squirrel, elephant, monkey, human, etc] be a unique creative effort on the part of Hashem. I see evidence of microevolution every time I see a domestic dog. From the Pomeranian to the Harlequin Great Dane, the domestic dog breeds share the same basic genome; they are all created leminehu [after their kind]. This is the only kind of genetic evolution I have room for in the theology. [As a side note, I was recently asked if Hashem formed Adam and Chavah, or did He create a group of people? Moshe Rebbeinu [Moses our Teacher] tells us that Hashem created them “zachar unekevah” (male and female). The text does not read “zecharim unekavot” (males and females). Therefore, it seems likely that our current perception that only two human beings were created is correct.]

[1] Genesis 1:11, 1:12 [x2], 1:21, 1:24 [x2], 1:25 [x3]

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