Salachti! I forgive!

ShofarAccording to the Talmud [Masechta Rosh Hashanah 2b-8a] there are four New Years, though there are discussions that increase the number to far greater! According to the authority in respect to holidays, R’Shimon, the first of Tishri is the New Year, not only of years, but of release and Jubilees. Of release! Since the first of Elul, we’ve been preparing for this release. The shofar has been sounded in the morning [except Shabbat], alerting us to the impending release from the baggage of sin. I hope we all have been preparing to hear Hashem declare, “Salachti! [I forgive!]” May you find release from your sin, the associated guilt, and the consequences thereof in this fall holiday season.

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