The Middot of Hillel [Hillel’s Hermeneutical Rules] Part 6

[6] Kayotze Bo Mimechom AcharTorah1

Often called, “Like that in another place,” Hillel’s Sixth Rule [while very similar to R’Ishmael’s Thirteenth rule, does not require the verses to be contradictory], allows one Biblical passage to explain another through their similar content. For instance, in 1 Samuel 1:11, Hannah prayed at the Mishkan while it was stationed in Shiloh and she said, “Give your maidservant a male offspring, then I shall give him to Hashem all the days of his life and a razor shall not come upon his head.” Hannah’s prayer can be explained using Numbers 6:5. In Numbers 6:1-21, the torah of the Nazir is provided, and within that passage it states, “A razor shall not pass over his head” [Numbers 6:5]. The similarity between Hannah’s prayer and the laws of Nazirus clue us in that the prophet Samuel was a lifelong Nazir.

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