Why Do We Count?

We recently finished the Sephirat haOmer, which is the Counting of the Omer. It begins on the second day of Pesach and ends the day before Shavuot. While we may understand the mechanic behind the mitzvah, we often fail to see a reason behind the act. Chabacountd sees the counted days as a daily improvement until we reach the mountain when we receive the Torah on the 50th day — like a methodical maturation of our spirituality.

There’s another view as to why: When we heard the voice of Hashem, we vowed [שבע] that we would do and we would hear. As we count through the seven [שבע] weeks of the Omer, we are reminded daily of that oath. On Shavuot [שבעוﬨ], on Matan Toratenu, we listen to the words of Hashem again, and we affirm the promise that we will do and we will hear.

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